What would you do?

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Jul 3, 2006
Land of hope and Glory
If you where a WW2 seviceman and had a choice of what unit would you be (Army, Navy, Air Force) and what theater you would be in (Africa, Europe, Eastern, Pacific ect) what would it be?

For me it would be a Fighter pilot in 1944 in France, just because there where few enemy fighters in the sky.
Key West flying a PBY on ASW duty - :cool: (Secure the aircraft by 16:00, happy hour at the "O" club at 17:00)
As I stated in another thread just like this one, Im with FBJ on this. In fact below is a pic of me and FBJ with our PBY crew after a long and tough mission patroling the Carribean at one of our famous beach parties afterward.


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Eleven guys and five girls, hmmm....

The other guys, jumped into the back of the pic, they dont belong to us. After they would not leave, we beat them up and they ran away.

We get all the girls. We just tell them we fly and ask them them if they want to see our plane, later we give them rides...

"Eleven guys and five girls, hmmm...."

Actually, I heard that the other guys jumped into the pic after Adler drew the sixth straw.

I couldn't resist.
I'm with FBJ and Adler, Cruising around in my PBY over the Gulf. Back at the end of the day for suds and spuds. Little rack time with the honey...

Forget WW2, where do I sign up for it now!
489 Squadron RAF (RNZAF) April 1944.

Joined with RAAF Sqn 455 to form the ANZAC Stirke Wing.

Beufighters and TorBeaus rock.


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Flying training in Southern Rhodesia might be fun...

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