Who Killed Kennedy?

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Apr 9, 2005
Colorado, USA
This came up in a recent aircraft forum discussion, I figure I'd open this up for further discussion. I've always been amazed about this subject as I vividly remember when the assassination happened, although I was very young. In recent years there have been tons of books written about the assassination and the cover up, and other things written stating that any conspiracy theory is just a myth. I've read a bunch of books on this, even part of the Warren Commission report and I believe a rouge unit of the CIA with assistance from exiled Cubans and organized crime are the one who "whacked Jack." What do you think?
JFK was actually hit by at leat two different rounds. from the back and then while his wife was attending him and the limo was trying to get to the birdge he was hit with a high powered round from the front blowing the back of his head out, his wife receiving alot of brain matter on her clothes. there is colour footage of this ugly event on several web-sites
ah ok Bev.

the conspiracy theory may have some validity. It came from a rechambered high powered rifle of sniper ability. this was a set up and the guys knew just where and when to do the damage. the oversized bullet was gone over with a fine tooth comb, but I cannot find the calibre of the item nor manufactures code in my files
Honestly, I saw many movies/documentaries on that subject and I seriously beleive the conspiracy theory.

- Some calculs concerning the number of rounds fired VS. the time of the shooting proved that the "operation" needed at least two snipers.

- When you looks at the bullets' trajectory you see that there was a sniper in a building, an other one behind a wall/tree (can't remember exactly) and a third one somewhere else (they told where in a documentary, but I don't remember).

- The guy who replaced JFK took an oath barely two hours after the shooting... It happened in the plane carrying JFK's coffin. A picture was taken of the ceremony. We could see the new president, his wife, Jackie Kennedy, and a body-guard of JFK. Don't you think all that happened a bit in a hurry ?

If you watch the movie Kevin Costner made on this subject and compare it to the National Geographic's documentary, you'll see that what he made was not far from the reality. But did Oswald shot at him or not ? We'll never know. What we are sure of is that it needed more than a single sniper. And what's make it looks more weird is that the new President was named very fast.

My personnal conclusion ? There was a conspiracy from the CIA led by JFK's successor himself.

But who am I to judge ? I'm only a little Security Officer/Private Investigator.
How about the witnesses....

Loads of people saw and herd something from the Grassy Knoll but were considered glory hounds or "kooks."

The bullet(s) - who shoots guns here? When does a bullet go through 2 people and come out undamaged?!? The reporter Posner tries to explain this, but I would rather listen to a Florida real estate agent it don't make sense!

In the JFK movie, the weird guy Dave Ferrie (Joe Pesche) what a character! - what was not mentioned is he was a big wheel in the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol. In a squadron he commanded (late 50s) was a young cadet, his name was Lee Harvey Oswald?!?!?!?

I think this was mentioned in the book "High Treason."

For those of you who want to research this - find out who Carlos Marchello was!!!!!

I got some more interesting stuff, I'd like to see more comments on this!!
Years ago, I saw a presentation by Bill Cooper at Hollywood High. While he had a lot of conspiracy theory stuff in there, he did have an interesting film that was quite convincing. Was it real, I have no way of knowing. But what it did show was the driver of the limo turning around, and firing a weapon at JFK as Jackie was trying to hold JFKs head. The next scene is the famous scene of Jackie trying to climb out of the car (Zapruder film?).

Anyway, he claimed that this was lost footage that was hidden away for years and found recently. He also claimed that the limo driver was a CIA agent and the weapon he fired was a gas discharged weapon that fired an exploding projectile that was filled with shellfish poison.

I know Bill Cooper was a bit of a strange guy, but he did have the film. Was it doctored? I have no idea and I am no expert on film or cinematography. It was pretty convincing, but what people can do with film these days is pretty amazing.
Another interesting piece of information Eric......

There were dozens of witnesses who saw "something" contrary to the Warren Commission Report. There were also dozens of people with minor involvement to the plot. Anyway, many of them wound up dead. Shotgunned at their doorstep, their car run off the road, mysteriously poisoned, etc. Loyd's of London did a study of this and the odds of those people being witnesses to "something" on Nov. 22, 1963 and dying a premature death was something like 1 trillion to 1!

Yep - it's amazing how the offer of money or the threat of death could silence so many people.....

Lee Harvey Oswald immigrated (you could also call it a defection because although he was detached from the USMC, I believe he still had a clearance and a reserve commitment) to USSR, married a Russian girl whose father was in the KGB and then was allowed to re-immigrate to the USA. Does anybody find this odd, especially in the early 1960s cold war days?!?!
Yeah, I find it real odd because the KGB would have killed Oswald thinking he was a spy, acting to visit the USSR for fun.
In the JFK movie, the weird guy Dave Ferrie (Joe Pesche) what a character! - what was not mentioned is he was a big wheel in the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol. In a squadron he commanded (late 50s) was a young cadet, his name was Lee Harvey Oswald?!?!?!?

That's why I said : "That movie isn't far from reality." There were a lots of facts that National Geographic also pointed out. But there were also some things that were not mentioned.

By the way, the picture I told you about earlier was saw on the National Geographic, I don't even remember if it was shown in the Kevin Costner's movie.

I won't argue the fact if Oswald shot or didn't shoot on JFK. What I'm sure of is that it was a conspiracy. According to the National Geographic's documentary, we already know two major things :

1 - The number of rounds shots in the short delay of the shooting needed at least two snipers.

2 - The trajectory of the bullets needed three snipers.

We also know a third thing : Lyndon B. Johnson was a CIA puppet. The fact that he was named president so quickly makes me doubt of his innocence in the murder of JFK. Remember : he took oath in the plane carrying JFK's coffin. There is a picture to prove it. I've attached it below.


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Yep! Quite Familiar with that photo - if you digitally enhance it you'll find Jackie O's outfit still blood stained.

I think the plot was beyond Johnson, I think he was just told to "shut up or else." There were a gaggle of "pit bulls" within the US Government at that time who were out of control and those are the ones responsible.

I'll throw out another tid-bid. Anyone ever hear of Frank Sturgis? He was a Watergate burglar. He was seen at Dealy Plaza at the time of the shooting talking on a radio. Frank Sturgis was also know as Frank Fiorini. He served in Fidel Castro's revolutionary army and later trained Cuban exiles for the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Coincidence?!?
DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
I think it went real deep into our own government and what about the Marylin Monroe connection. Both dead....

Yep - especially when newly released tapes from her shrink revealed she had no suicidal tendencies and seemed pretty happy about herself just prior to her death.....

Another snippet......

The 1960 election was one of the closest in US history. Illinois brought JFK over the top and there were rumors of ballot stuffing by Union folks in that state led by Jimmy Hoffa. It was no secret that Hoffa was working for Sam Giancana, the top Chicago mobster at the time who allegedly assisted in this as he cut a deal with old man Joe Kennedy (who I think was the biggest scumbag on the planet, Bobbie Kennedy later double crossed Giancanna and now you have the organized crime angle on the plot). During this period a small time thug, union guy and Dallas night club owner worked heavily on the campaign and ran between his place in Dallas and Chicago - Jack Ruby....

The days after the assassination, Ruby made and received dozens of phone calls from Chicago. Maybe to discuss union business?
Oh - I'll throw some more stuff here evey time I post....

There are autopsy photos that show JFKs face pretty mush in tact. If you saw the x ray (also available) it shows a huge wound off the side of his head and face. You would think half of his face was blown away. If you see those photos and compare them to the Zeupreuder film, you could see the original autopsy photos were clearly doctored.....

The night before the assassination many of the Secret Service agents assigned to protect Kennedy showed up to a bar called the Cellar. Amazingly several women showed up to this place and starting mingling with the Secret Service guys, closing the bar and keeping them out super late. It was found out that these girls were "dancers" and further investigation revealed they worked for a guy named "Jack" (Jack Ruby). Ironic that a gaggle of Jack Ruby's strippers happen to show up to the same bar the Secret Service detail is hanging out the night before the assassination?!?!

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