Why is P-38 the forum bitch?

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Because lanc has learnt to keep his mouth shut most of the time. And I don't know about the yellow card, I was working for like two weeks straight for 12 hours a day ...so I couldn't get on.
He was given a yellow card for his rant on me concerning his redneck heritage... I thought it was funny, but a certain Admin didnt think so and carded him...

As for why he's the forum bitch, I guess it was just a natural mating... 13 years old from Alabama, with limited common sense, and no concept of how to keep the mouth shut and ears open....

Plus all that crap about wanting to join the Army and kill and lead men brought his little house of cards tumbling down...
I took these on the Model Hobby Fair... The first eyewink I saw them, I knew these are the perfect toys for P-38. This thread just forced me to post it... :lol:


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Those are cool - *ahem!* - action figures, but the Germans' helmets don't fit on their heads quite right. The second figure of the bunch has his on backwards too. Still cool though.
looks to me like a bad cycling injury to the Luftwaffe chap. Better get those knees operated on dude ! ............. 8)

guys lets back off P-38 alright. I would rather be an encouragement than a discouragement....lets let the words speak for themselves. would like to just see him slow down. I remember too strongly a young red haired kid that thought he could take on the world.......... oh well
he speaks with intensity but so did I at that age. He will learn hopefully soon enough and not be on the end of one big stick
Yeah, I mean me and lanc dont get angry when they insult us (which is best part of all the time) it just so happens that if you're younger you're an easy target - play along with it and have some fun! :lol:
Yes, yes I do, I insult myself by merely existing. But its nice to be able to take a break sometimes and let someone else do all the work :thumbright:

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