World Cup

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May 12, 2005
Alright you soccer fans out there (if any), the World cup as you know is being held in Germany this year and it starts in june!! Who do you think will win it all this year?

who knows but hopeful they will have coverage here in the States ......

E I need a cup
I always wondered why people found soccer / football (in Europe) is so popular in places around the world. I am not trying to knock it I enjoy it some but....... some countries go nuts over it. It must be a cultural thing growing up playing it or something. I just don't see it, no offense. Games you only get 1 or 2 goals most times, if there was 7-10 goals that would be better. Plz all you soccer (football in Europe) fans plz tell me why is it so popular where you live. Like I have said I am not trying to knock soccer just trying to understand it, why it is so popular outside North America (I know we have some players to but it is not nearrrrrrly so popular in N.America).
well looking at all the options guess I'll have to cheer for the Aussies
well australia will get knocked out first round for sure (in brazils group, so no chance)

England will probably do ok only to get knocked out before the final

I suppose Brazil or Germany would be the ones I would bet on, but I dont really follow it that much.
pbfoot and NS.

Football (Soccer... :rolleyes:) is so popular mainly because:
1) it is being played for sooo long - for hundreds of years (first official leagues in Europe were founded around mid of 19th Century)
2) You don't need no equipement - just the ball and you can play. Is that possible with any other sport? (excl. running, maybe...) :lol:

NS said:
...Sorry, I don't know much about soccer.
It involves a big field, a ball of some kind, and a lot of guys running around in shorts.
OK, some rules in breif for you:
It is 11 players each team (1 goalie, usually 3 defenders, 3 midfielders and 2 attackers).
The game is played for two halftimes (each 45 minutes + extra time (depends on the referee, usually adds 2-3 minutes of extra time).
Fowls are when you hit the player, not the ball. It usually gives the handicaped team a free kick from the place where his player was fowled, if it's more serious, the fowling player gets a yellow card, if it's classified as a rough or a dangerous fowl, he gets a red card and is sent off the field for the rest of the game. For two yellow cards you get a red card.
You cannot use your hands, unless you're a goalie and you're in the goal area .
The team which scores more goals, wins. How simple! :thumbleft:

Here is more advanced look at the Football game itself:

BTW, you know why Rugby is called Football in America? Cause during the time of founding the football leagues in UK in the mid 19th Cent., some people were playing even with hands and some banned using hands. When the UKI colonizators imported it into America later on, this game splitted into two styles but has the same name. A big mystery solved! :D
Thanks for the detailed explanation Pisis, but once again...I was joking. ;)
I know the basics of soccer, and I've played it as a kid. I've just never followed the sport.
Argentina and Italy have a good chance of making it all the way. Though Brazil or Germany will win it all.
Nonskimmer said:
Thanks for the detailed explanation Pisis, but once again...I was joking. ;)

Well, in your case, it's hard to determine what's a joke and what's meant serious... ;)

BTW, you got the bus stop addy yet? I treally can't wait to send the bomb there yet! ;)

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