Würger family 1/48

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Hello my fellow modelers:

I'm about to begin a new project in order to present it in the Texas IPMS nationals that is scheduled for next August in San Marcos.

This particular project includes the following kites to be presented in the same display as a tribute to the Tank design.

These three kites are in 1/48 scale and are the following:

a) Revell Fw-190 A4/U3 (Trop), where the idea of the final product is to be presented with the Africa Korps Erprobungskommando 19 (with underwing drop tanks and a 250kg bomb in the underbelly):
Fw 190 A4.jpeg

b) Eduard Fw 190D-11 JG-44 version that protected the Galland Me-262´s when they were about to depart/arrive home.

Definitely the colors of the Papagei squadron are just beautiful and guess that the contrast between the desert Fw-190 A and the red belly D-11´s will be quite a blast regarding its diversity....
Fw 190D 11.jpeg

c) And last but not least, Italieri´s TA 152 H-1 and for the moment I've not decided yet the final squadron to be constructed (guess that there are not many options) of this beautiful kite that I wanted to build since quite a long time..... guess that I have a soft spot for this kite since I first saw the drawings by Romain Hugault.

One thing that surprised me is that this particular model was injected and boxed in China. Don't know when this company changed to China.... :-k
TA 152 H1.jpeg

For the time being and before posting I'll begin with the pilot 3D printing in order to improve the quality and that the three little guys looks like they come from the same tribe......

Have an excellent week my friends

Gerry :pilotsalute:
Hello again my fellow modelers:

Ready to continue with this project after being occupied at work....

First I wanted to begin with the little fellow of the Wulf family. The Fw190 A4 / U3 that was deployed in Libya. Still wandering the type of armament that will be sported. First things first. The correction of the engine bulges to receive the desert filters on both sides of the fuselage, as well as with the exhausts that were non existent on the original model:

Fw-190 A-4 _ U3 01.jpg

Here can be appreciated the difference between the original bulges and the desert modifications for the sand filters:
Fw-190 A-4 _ U3 3.jpg

This is how the original fuselage looked like......
Fw-190 A-4 _ U3 022.jpg

And this is the work performed on each side:
Fw-190 A-4 _ U3 02.jpg

Fw-190 A-4 _ U3 04.jpg

The idea is presenting the FW Family in a single display presenting the evolution of the "Shrike"... Maybe for the Mexican nationals that are scheduled for mid October in Mexico City. For the time being I have to choose which of the recently printed pilots have behaved in order to instal them on each kite....
Fw-190 A-4 _ U3 piloten.jpg

And currently I'm in the process of printing some decal tests in aluminum color (and some in a dark grey color) in order to install them in between the main paint jobs.... Guess that it will improve the look in the wings (where maintenance is performed) and also in some parts of the fuselage....

Have an incredible week guys....

Good job on the exhausts
Thank you sir.

I ´d like to present a little more detail on each plane, but as I found out in several models, 70% of the work of detail that I perform in each plane, gets lost on the process.

Guess that in this project, I would like to enhance several areas with details (such as the surfaces with constant maintenance, and in the roots of the wings). Perhaps not applied on the entire wing. Several tests have been performed in order to confirm how this decals will look like applied before the paint works on a test model:

rivets 01.jpg

rivets 03.jpg

The same would apply with the fuselage where lots of rivet works are lost beneath the paint works.

Lets see how this turns out.....

Good evening y'all:

Well, after making some more tests basically in the FW-190 A, it was decided to perform more details in the fuselage, where I found that there were some corrections that had to be applied asap (in order to convert it to a A-4), and then continue with the priming works.

These works had to be done in the ventilation system, with the slats that protruded from the fuselage had to be erased in order to drill the correct ones:

Then the drilling works:

In order to apply the correct intake configuration that later will be detailed more. As you can see the aluminium in this case will help to outline the correct contour of each intake:

The foil applied to the wings will be cut basically over the wing roots and the hatch for the cannon.....

Then the exhausts had to be corrected also in the D-12 and on the 152 kites:

As can be appreciated, the original parts does not have any holes and once again, drilling time.....

This is how the exhausts look after the main drilling works:

And finally just for the kick of the moment, finally the butcher family is taking form:

I just love the design of each family member........

Best regards my friends :salute:

Actually there is a note though ... the side cooling vents behind the engine compartment may be incorrect if you want to replicate the Fw 190A-4. The kind you made was used for A-2 and A-3. Beginning the A-4, the Würger variants got the three vertical rectangular in the shape vents with the louvers. However it was changed during the production process and the very early A-4 had the panels with the early slots. So a pic of the particular kite would be useful. Also if it is going to be the A-4 the fuselage should be shortened just behind the exhaust pipes. Unfortunately the Revell model allows to assemble the A-5 and the later versions. With the A-5 the fuselage was lengthened 15cm there what resulted in adding of an extension behind the bottom and side edge of the engine cowling at the front of the wing root.
Below the A-4 ( on left ) and the A-5 ( on right ) front areas with the differences seen.


the pic source: the net.

And here an eample of the Fw 190A-4 Trop of the Erprobungskommando 19 in Libya ...


the source: Erprobungskommando 25 Focke-Wulf Fw 190s

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