WW2 Kodachrome colour - help me id these

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This is one of my favourites and one I do know about. 421st NFS P-61 'Dame de la Nuit' crewed by Capt Owen Wolfe and R/O Lt Byron Allain. Four confirmed kills - 3 zekes and 1 sally. I think this one scored the first kill for the 421st, but I can't find a reference for it. Looking a bit sad, so maybe towards the end of hostilities - damage to tail booms and rudder missing.:(

Great photo of Capt.Wolf's last P-61.Capt Wolf would end the war with the four comfirmed victories and three probales.Capt.Wolf was killed in 1949 in a F-82.Of the three probales one was comfirmed by another pilot in the flight but was never acknowledged by Fifth Fighter Command.

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