Your Favorite YouTube Music Video Clips....

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Well here the ones that I really like.

Metallica - And Justice For All from 1989 Seattle Live **** Binge and Purge where they blow Doris and the stage up! I was at one of the shows from this tour and I remember seeing Doris blow up and thinking OH WOW this is the coolest ****!


Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves A good song with a really cool video. Cant wait to see them in 5 weeks.


Pantera - Hollow (Dimebag Tribute) This is an amature video done to Hollow by Pantera but I really like it.


H.I.M. - Wicked Game I have allways liked this video and been a fan of this band since I saw this video back in 1998.


I will post some more later, got to see whats up in the rest of the forum before I go start up my grill.
Most of the time... Ive known many many Zeros in my time, what with the certain circles we used to tromp around.... A large majority were just plain geeky.... There were the odd ones that were cool and would hang with us lowly enlisted...

All the officers that I worked with in the Teams were certifiably cool.... Not many geeks period in SpecOps..
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