ZZ Top Song by the Guitar Masters!

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Apr 6, 2005
Here's a great vid I found on my HD - got it via P2P a year or so ago.

If you like electric guitar you must watch these guys working out the ZZ Top classic.
Steve Vai
John Petrucci
Joe Satriani

Looks to be filmed from the upper tier of an indoor venue - no idea where or when.


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sounds great!!!!
but can you tell me who is john petrucci?
sorry for my ignorance :oops:
If you haven't heard John Petrucci, get a copy of any Dream Theater album and give it a listen. I was introduced to Dream Theater about 10 years ago with the album "Images and Words". Something happened to me that doesn't happen often, I was blown away! At the time, I was doing music semi-professionally and had heard alot of great players, but the technical expertise of ALL of those guys is first rate! They remain one of my favorite groups to this day.

As an aside, I got the chance to meet John Petrucci at a NAMM show a few years ago. He was really a great guy.
I don't like Slash, as much as I hate to say it Velvet Revolver only exists because it's a bunch of drugged up losers that no one else would have. I hate to say it because Scott Weiland is one of my favourite music artists! Stone Temple Pilots would still exist if he had just learnt from what happened to Andrew Wood and Layne Staley....grrrr!

Cornell has learnt though...YAY!!! That's what the Audioslave song Gasoline is about...
I think Slash is a great guitar player. I really enjoyed watching him the 2 times that I saw him once with Guns N Roses and once with Velvet Revolver a couple of weeks ago. I do have to admit though Scott Weiland sang Mr. Brownstone and Its So Easy better then Axel ever did.
Slash is a decent guitarist but he is a drugged up loser, like the rest of VR. Weiland is an awesome singer/song writer, one of the best out there in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong while I call 'em drugged up losers, 'cos I think VR are great!
It is true. VR has been set back on several occasions by Scott Weiland being arrested himself for drug use and possesion. I agree though VR is great and once they had there sound fixed at the concert they were awesome.
The only problem Audioslave had with sound was Brad Wilk smashing the drum kit on the first song 'cos it hadn't been tied down properly...and that wasn't even a problem 'cos it still rocked! :lol:
I am not a real big fan of Audioslave. I really like Chris Cornell, especially when he was with Soundgarden but I can not get into Audioslave. Most of there songs just sound the same as the one before it to me.

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