1/48 F-35B VMFA-211 Wake Island Avengers

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Feb 23, 2014
Katy Texas
And I thought I was in the clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What rot.
I tackled the vertical stabs, I shake my head!
Exhibit 1..................
First I had to sand of heaps of under surface area of the insert.
It was just too thick and sat proud of the other base piece.
I also cut the pins and post holes, they are really not needed.
The insert is captured all round, and they re too high and would
not allow the insert to sit flush!!!! WT??????
I tapered the edges, just because!
View attachment 675236
So after all that I used the metal clamps to keep the insert from dropping in.
After clamping I used Tamiya thin cement and used the brush from the bottle
to attach most all the way round. I removed the clamps and did the same where they were.
You can see the fit tht brought all this on!!!!! Now on to the next PROBLEM area, Where?
I do not know yet!
View attachment 675237
All the raised "tape lines" in this case KH is not the only one to do it but all the raised ziggy zag lines down stand up and proud. It's freaking ridiculous.


Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
Not raised to the level depicted but whatever
As I am finding, this is KittyHawk "in the beginning" so it wasn't to be expected, but "was to be expected" if That makes any sense. So many flaws a fellow IPMS member who does a lot of Build Reviews, and did a fine one for the MENG F-35A which is on the www, binned his KH F-35B even after getting up to the point of painting. Which leads me to believe I should do the same...... but, nah....yeah! I have no deadline and am DETERMINED!!!!!


Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
And then this!
Now what?

Vic Balshaw

Brigadier General
Jul 20, 2009
'New Molds.' That's probably just a sales pitch to trick the customer, They said that when I purchased the AF Bentley and they were the crappiest molds and plastic I've ever come across. :D

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