109 comic.

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Jun 10, 2004
Knoxville, TN
Not to turn this into a different topic or anything, but the 37mm cannons the Stuka's carried. How many rounds did each gun carry and what was the rate of fire?


Feb 25, 2007
As far as I know each cannon carried a six round magazine of tungsten core cannon-shells. Theres an amazing bit of war footage of these cannon-birds over the Kuban lagoons in 1943 taking out landing craft. I think its somewhere on this site...don't know where tho,. Sorry.


Airman 1st Class
Aug 22, 2007
But Bf 109 shot down by a katyusha rocket???!
As far as I know this rockets were for hitting ground targets.

By the way excellent comic.:thumbleft:

It would not be the first time an artillery round and an aircraft made acquaintance in mid-air. It happened more then once in the First World War, when two-seaters with early "wireless" sets were sent over the front as artillery spotters to direct counterbattery fire.

It might sound implausible, given the size of the airplane, the shell, and all that sky, but you have to remember the numbers in which artillery was employed, especially in the First World War. During artillery duels in both the First and Second World War, between two sizeable artillery units, it was not unheard of for shells to strike each other in midair and explode spectacularly. A plane in the middle of that... I shudder to think.

Also, this comic is excellent, if only because the subject matter is something I almost never see. On top of that, though, the art really is slick. Some of this would make awesome avatars. What's the name/screenname of the artist/author? Do they have a Deviantart or other personal website that is alive and well? You can consider me a fan. Pass on my compliments, if you can.

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