2006 Airshow News

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Just in case you haven't seen my website here are a few snippets of info for next year............

No Tornado F-3 Display - Lack of ground crew / funds etc
No Jaguar Display - Withdrawn (almost)
No Nimrod Display - Conversion to new MR4a

on the plus side........

Typhoon Display will be single seater
Second Typhoon will do a duo with BBMF Spitfire XIX
RAF Canberra Display (at least for Waddington)
damn- that means i'll proberly never get to see a jag in flight :( and i wouldn't have thought they'd keep the canberra displays going, not now they're about to go too.........
It is because they are so expensive to run and maintain, in perfect world at least one of every type of aircraft would be in flying condition, however this is not a perfect, so we will have to do with what there is. Which unfortunately is less and less each year :( So it looks like there are many aircraft I won't see fly.

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