A-Bombing Germany

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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
If, heven forbid, the allies did have to Atom bomb germany, which plane would they have used? My vote goes to the lancaster.................
I don't think it was ever seriously considered, due to all the European Countries being together, but if we'd have had do it, definately the Lancaster could've handled it.- Probably would've got Leonard Cheshire to fly it too...The uranium A-Bomb was only 9000lbs and the plutonium one was 10,000lbs, that they dropped on Japan, just a pair of real grunty Tallboys really...and ''one pass of course, old boy...!''
One thing good about an atomic bomb detonating is that the fireball is so large that pinpoint accuracy was not needed. But I remember that the 2 A-bombs that were dropped on Japan were set to detonate above ground as an air burst to maxamize damage.
The Silverplate B-29's were designed to A-bomb Germany and Japan. The Germans just quit too soon. You don't think the Yanks would have let anyone else have a nuke, do you?
Henschel HS-123


Did you know Australia was the first country to invite another to come and test-drop nukes on them ? Post-war, their Prime Minister, Menzies I think, was a total Anglophile and invited them [Without Cabinet approval] to use their desert for tests. Britain flew V-bombers all the way there [in-flight fuel-up's] and dropped them on the Maralinga test-range, the 'Blue Danube' A-bomb, I think...Caused a real outcry in Aussie, the Brits had to come back and clean it up - They lost alotta kangaroos and some Aborigines....[signed 'Kiwi-stirrer !!!] - P.S. IT'S TRUE !!! - It did help Britain's Nuclear-Deterrent Program...
Also, I disagree that B-29's were 'designed' to A-bomb Europe Japan. There was only one B-29 that ever arrived in U.K., WWII, and it was an Intelligence exercise to throw off the Germans. They had plans to have 12 groups in N.Ireland, and 12 near Cairo, Eygpt, but USAAF wanted a long-range heavy bomber to bomb Japan, so thats where they headed, the CBI, and Marianas, when they were captured. Faced with huge losses to assault Jap homelands, the B-29 was the only aircraft available in the theatre to do the A-bombs....Britain acquired 50 B-29's post-war, and called them 'Washingtons'...
And the Soviets copied them (putting 23mm instead of 12.7mm for defence) and called it the Tu-4 'Bull'
They didn't fly it to the UK to drop A-bombs, just throw the German Intelligence off, make them think that B-29's were going to start arriving soon in force - They didn't , they all went to the Far East...
also, its probably more likely that a lancaster would get shot down more than a b-29 8) which unless the lancaster was over france at the time is a bad thing :lol: (joke)
I have to say I would have to agree that the A-bomb would have not been used in Europe. But if it was, the B-29. Why would the U.S. Let any other air arm even the RAF know about the Bomb? It even kept its own crews seperate from the rest of the lot.

If any other plane were to use it I might have to go with the Lancaster, :( but then a modified B-24L that flew in the Pacific could have done the job. Bottom line we did not have to use the bomb! :lol:

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