a German NF site

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already posted, Lorenz site seems to have been through a rehash as it has been on the net for some years and then not updated as of may 99. In fact it had grevious erros on it. I am planning to go through it slowly and give my opinion. his colour chips are almost worthless as they are too small he needs for one to enlarge them at least 3 x 3 inches for a start. Will be interesting to see if his bios on the pilots have been redone since they were in real need many years ago.

gents I would bookmark the site as it is the only one pertaining to the nachtjagd at the moment. if I had the time I would do my own. Lorenz still has the same mistakes and typos like he did in 99 and before..........geez

as an example for "Last sorties"

Operation Gisella, should read Operation Gisela.

biggest mistake in the brief reading which gives you absolutely nothing about how successful or unsuccesful it was is that he mentions Ju 88's and He 219's went over to England on the raid. This is totally a bogus lie. Ju 88G 1's and mostly G-6's did the job.

sadly there is much more.......

he lists a whole listing of FW variants whcih I have no clue why as the A-4 through A-8 served with few models serving with FuG 217 and FuG 218 Neptun radars

Berlin 240 radar served the last month of the war. This is incorrect as it served in the units at February 45's end.

these are only just a few examples

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