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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
In your opinion, what was the best all-round planes from each of the following countries:

France ( :lol: )
+ any other countries that i may have missed out :D


i am very interested to hear everyones opinion on this so i can disagree with you all :D
Japan . . . B7A Grace (recon, torpedo, or dive-bomber)

Germany . . . Ju-88 or maybe the Fw-190 (the Ju-88 did better work in ground attack the Fw-190 was better air-to-air)

Uk . . . Mosquito

Italy . . . MC. 205

USA . . . P-38 Lightning (no surprise from me there)

France . . . D.520 (not much to choose from)

Russia . . . La-7
The La-7 wasn't much of an all-rounder really.
Neither was the Fw-190. The Ju-88 would be the best choice there.
Il-2, Yakovlev series, Lagg series, Migs, I-15, I-16, Pe-2, Pe-8, Tb-3...I'm sure there's more. I bet the Pe-2 could have been a more ideal all-rounder.
It is a nice looking plane, I have to admit.
The thing was that the Soviets didn't really have any aircraft that were extremely versatile. I had considered the Pe-2 and it was probably as close to a true multi-role aircraft as they came.

The Fw-190 was used for a lot of different missions. In addition to it's air-to-air duties, it saw service as a hit-and-run raider, tank-buster, night-fighter (as much of a nightfighter as the Hurricane was anyway). So it had some multi-role capability as well.
If the Japanese had had any competent pilots left to fly it, the A6M7 would have made a pretty effective fighter-bomber.
i don't really think the japs had anythinghalf good untill the end of the war anyway :lol:..............
Best all-rounders, hmm

Japan KI 61 Hien / A6M2 / Aicha 'Val'

Germany Ju 88 / Dornier Do 217 / FW 190 / JU 87 / FW 189

UK DH Mosquito / Westland Lysander / Hurricane

Italy Macchi MC 202-205 / Fiat CR 42 / Sm 79.

USA P-51 / P-40 / P-38

France DW 520 / Caudron C.714 C1 Cyclone

Type: C.714
Function: fighter
Year: 1939
Crew: 1
Engines: 1 * 450hp Renault 12 Ro

Wing Span: 8.97m
Length: 8.53m
Height: 2.87m
Wing Area: 12.5m2

Empty Weight: 1400kg
Max.Weight: 1750kg

Speed: 487km/h
Ceiling: 9100m
Range: 900km
Armament: 4*mg7.5mm

Russia IL2 / Yak 9 / Polikarpov Biplanes / "Chaika"

Rumania : IAR 80 / 81


Finland : Myrsky fighter-bomber / Tactical Reconn.


The Myrsky was a monoplane fighter with rectractable landing gear, built in Finland during WWII. It was of mixed construction. Fifty were built, and used on a limited scale, primary as tactical reconaissance aircraft. The 'Ilmavoimat' had, probably justified, doubts about the structural reliability of the Mysrky.

Type: Myrsky II
Country: Finland
Function: fighter
Year: 1944
Crew: 1

Engines: 1 * 1065hp SFA-P&W R-1830-S33-G Twin Wasp

Wing Span: 11.00m
Length: 8.35m
Height: 3.00m
Wing Area: 18.00m2

Empty Weight: 2330 kg
Max.Weight: 3213kg

Speed: 530km/h
Ceiling: 9000m
Range: 500km

Armament: 4*mg12.7mm

Yugoslavia :Rogozarsky IK-3 Fighter


Hungary: Hejja II fighter-bomber

Sweden: Fokker J.22 Fighter-bomber


Incidentally, today (May 8) is:

(May 8 1945) The German ace Erich Hartmann scores his final victory over a Yak-7 in his Me-109, making a total of 352 kills. Later that day he surrendered to British forces, ending his war.

Well I wasn't expecting all those countries, but probably in most cases they were the only aircraft. :lol:
he's pretty much put the only planes worthy of mention for most countries...........

i take it that list was a spur of the moment thing and you just happened to have al them pics lying round?

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