Amazing aerobatics

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That's a very skilled group of pilots Id love to have a ride with them
even if it meant a bit of chundering or the odd blackout I don't know much about these type of aircraft ( come to think i don't know much about anything that flys :confused: ) but I would have thought they must be technically quite advanced. Any info please Evan/Skim
Thanks to composite materials available today, these aircraft can pull manuevers that would have broken airplanes apart about 10-15 years ago. I am not sure what type these are, but alot of the aerobatic planes today are made in the former soviet republics, like Sukhoi and Zlin. They are very light and agile, as you have seen.
Not sure trackend, but I would assume that they are injected. I have seen some of those aerobatics planes and I have not heard them cut out. The engines are usually pretty hi-tech.

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