Anyone can successfully access my website ?

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Master Sergeant
Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

For over a week now, I've been having problems with my website ( ). I can't access my web page ! I always get the same error message saying that the server is too slow to answer and that the site may be offline or overloaded. I've posted several messages on my web host's bug report forum, but the only answer I received was telling me that my website worked fine.

Anyone else can access it ?


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Works fine on this side of the world!
It did work, but its very slow and getting around inside the site is almost impossible.

PS you may upset our USA friends calling the Commando's, Green Berets and come to think of it, you may upset the commando's as well.

Two of the top groups of people you don't want to upset.
I clicked the link ( ).The site uploaded and worked O.K.But firstly I saw the screen like uploaded below.If the small window which is visible at the centre of the screen is normal, everything seems to be O.K.


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Thanks everyone. I'm still experiencing the problem... May be it's offline between midnight and 8 A.M. or something like that...

@ Wurger : The small window is an advertisement of my web host... It should disapear within 5 seconds... Or you can simply click on the small "X" to close it.

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