Anyone own any assault weapons or other interesting weapons?

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Looks very familiar - It's like the standard issue FN SLR which I fired a few times back in my RAF days..

My personal defence weapon right now is a bamboo stick...
hate to say this but you are being quite foolish stating what you have on the internet; let me make a strong suggestion as to editing your thread content and allow the Admins to pull this thread off the forums
I like to Hunt Deer but the price of Ammo up here is retarded and there is also a BS rifle law in place here sold I sold my rifles and am Pistol owner now, I pray for burglars so I can play with my new toys :D

I own a Para-Ordnace P10-45 Compact and a Para-Ordnace P12-45 Semi-Compact, I have put an order in for a Double-Action S&W Revolver
I sold my hunting rifles years ago, along with the old 12 gauge shotgun I had for duck hunting. Too much of a pain in the ass these days to own the damn things, and I don't hunt anymore anyway.
you really are a stupid poser aren't you and your response of what it's all registered proves my point exactly.

for your information idiot I could even trace you off the net if I felt like it
Get me a job working the oil derricks in about five years, and I'll teach you how to write your name in the snow. Make it a nice cushy managerial position and I'll teach you how to read it.
I pray for burglars so I can play with my new toys
If ur praying that someone physically breaks into ur house so u can fire ur weapon in an enclosed space and threaten the ones u care for, all so u can shoot another human being, jokingly referring to a very dangerous firearm as a "toy", then I have only one thing to say...


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Magister said:
Why exactly now is it foolish to "admit" that I own perfectly legal firearms?

Because you live in California where the socialists look for any excuse to seize any firearms.

I could imagine Jackie Goldberg has a team of interns from UCLA looking on the net for anyone from this state declaring what firearms they have.

Please remember that IP address's can be traced.
Syscom is right. They may be our right to have them, but there are many douchebags in our legislature that woul love nothing better than to take them all away. Me, I own a nice set of steak knives I bought at Costco. Oh! I also have an old 386 PC that I can use to drop on someone's head if need be. ;)

That is all I will ever admit to. Besides, there are plenty of household items that can be pretty damn deadly in the proper hands. Ask anyone here who is married with kids and they will tell you that there is nothing more deadly than a Mom when she feels her kids are threatened.
No, he is not right with respect to my "disclosure."

They are already registered so the authorities already know of their existence and the fact that I own them.

Republishing what is already known by the governent is disclosing no more information than is already known. The government is obtaining no more information than is already known pursuant to official records.

Therefore, I am not subject to any of the risks that are being subscribed to me through my post.

It's not like we're going to wake up one day with police officers coming to our houses to collect our guns without very, very advanced warning. Such governmental action would be done through legislation in a thoroughly transparent process (we know the substance of bills that are voted on) and numerous constitutional court challenges thereafter.

It would literally take years from the time a law authorizing the government to confiscate weapons based on information specifically relevant to individuals was proposed to the time its enforcement could actually take place. (assuming such a law could even be enforced) Given the Supreme Court's clear shift to the right, there's not a chance that it would occur. Of course, even if it could occur, it would not be politically feasible. The trend in the states has been to liberalize gun laws over the past 6 years. We now have 38 right to carry states (I believe that the last three states were added in the last 5 years) and the assault weapon ban bill was allowed to die last year after the sunset provision. There was just not enough popular support for a feel good bill that had no practical impact on the criminal use of such weapons.

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