Astronauts are human, too

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No its not an embarassment to the program. She did something wrong. NASA had no knowledge of what she was going to do, nor could they. Therefore NASA can not be acountable for it.
What typically happens is the liberal press will ask "How could NASA have
let such a nut case fly in the shuttle?" And then NASA will respond with
some new layer of protocol and testing...Somehow, somewhere, someone
will have to be made accountable. Upper management will try and do
damage control so that person is at the lowest possible level in the chain...

P.S. - there is a fortune to be made selling souvenir NASA diapers
on International Drive in Orlando...:D
There are many over achievers who walk the line in between brilliance and insanity. It's easy to see how same obsessive personality that can help a woman be a fighter pilot/astronaut may have a dark side. She isn't used to accepting "NO". for an answer.
autonomous nature it would appear .............oooooooooh that sounds like me to a capital T. Well sadly what goes around comes around

It was only a matter of time...


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