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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
well I lost the thread about the SturmFw article, 1 and 2 in flypast. I'm likely blind and it is most probably readily apparent, but hey I am over 50 so what the H***

chatting with the author of the future article(s) I was indeed correct in my assumptions that the first installment was suppose to be in May's issue. Obviously that did not work out and flypast is being quite cordial in allowing the author to go ahead and put other work first via his translations for other book author(s). Suggest looking forward to the first installment maybe come fall of this year October-November.

bis bald 8)

E ~
yes I know it sucks but ......... wait till you see what 2 volumes he is translating and due for this year in English. the two volumes in my hand were done in German only and now ...... lets just say that the SturmFw gruppen JG 300 is covered and so is IV.Sturm/JG 3 so what do you suppose the books will be about eh ? :D

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