Battle Damaged Aircraft of WW2

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P-47 battle damage.jpg
What aircraft is that ? I don't recognize the opening just to the right of the crew members head.
Looks like ground collision, I doubt this He 111 would be able to land, let alone fly, with this structural damage
It actually looks more like either a direct hit by light/medium flak, or a close burst by heavier flak, with the 'bullet holes' in the fin being splinter damage. It's also possible that it was cannon-fire damage from a night fighter, as there are what may be bullet/shell holes in the mid fuselage, below the window, although again these could be shrapnel strikes, just going off the angle, or even just the 'mottle' of darker paint.
Although severe, the twisted tail-plane, bent upwards, and loss of elevator, possibly aren't as bad as they look, although the handling must have been all to heck - after all, we've seen worse in pics of, for example, B-17s or Lancs returning minus a complete tail-plane, or half a fin and no rudder etc.

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