Best AA weapon

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May 12, 2005
What do ya say was the best AA weapon of WWII. To me it was that shell the U.S. invented that could be fired out of any artillery piece like the 75 and above. It contained a radio in it, it would explode when it waves were close to the aircraft not on but close causing maximum damage.
I disagree. The FlaK 18 36(37) 88mm was a good overall weapon with many uses but as an AA platform it was similar to all other heavy AA weapons.

I think the Bofors 40mm was the best because it was a fast firing and effective low to medium altitude AA cannon.

The KugelBlitz would have been the best but that never got put into production.
don't forget the incredible fast firing 2cm Flakvierling used in a marriade of roles in all the theaters with the Wehrmacht and W-SS.

view from the Prinz Eugen now in US hands.....


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This question is a case of horses for courses. As a low altitude weapon, the title undoubtedley goes to the FlakVierling. For medium alt, I would say the 40mm Bofors, and for heavy guns, the US 5" piece mounted on BBs, CVs and cruisers. Not only did it contain more fragmentation material than the 88, but by the later stages of the war it was proximity fused, making even a near miss fatal.
The British had twin 3.7 inch - automatic loading as well, I am informed.
Best anti aircraft weapon to my way of thinking was (for low level ) the Vickers multi barrelled PomPom. 1000 rounds per minute of 40mm cannon shells and (for high level ) the 88mm flak although the 3.7inch AA gun did some good work as well
(all images are from my personel collection)


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The only reason I would go with the 88 is because of its versatility. It was not only used as a Flak gun but as an anti tank and even anti shipping. But I am aware that there were better Flak systems out there.
For a heavy AA gun it had to be the American 5in L38. It had a good arc of fire, the proximity fuse, a good rate of fire, decent anti ship shell and it didn't weigh that much. Important as ships tended to get top heavy which is why most USA destroyers lost most of their torpedo's.

Light AA gun the British twin 40mm mounted on a hazelmere mounting. The gun was good, the mounting in some case gyro stabalised and it could be aimed automatically using the radar making it deadly.
Here's a rare one The Green Mace it only ever reached prototype as by the time all the teething problems had been ironed out it was 1956 and the missile was taking over for AA duties designed in WW2 it eventually achieved a rate of fire of 75 rounds per minute.
Not bad for a 5inch weapon :shock: .(biggest draw back it weighed 25 tons)


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