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Hi Der Adler!

Of course I did not by any means suggested killing innocent civilians to subjugate an enemy is a valid thing. No way.

I am not interested in debating the reasons of the USA to invade Irak. There are so many versions available I do not have time to assess them all.

The core of my idea is that during war, the armed forces occupying an enemy country experience terrible situations that are allegedly to be handled in accordance with determined sets of rules. Reading the rules on the paper can be relatively easy for those moving forward to the front lines, but the situations of war can lead to specific circumstances when the rules certainly might not be complied.

I do not have any doubts you and most of the US soldiers in Irak are honorable people; I am sure there are thugs in the US Army over there though.

Many of you are bound to face extreme situations of danger and then anything can happen and innocent people will always suffer during wars.

Furthermore, if my view is correct, you are no longer fighting against an organized enemy army with clearly indentifiable military uniforms. You are now rather facing lose groups and bands of Iraki civilians or rebels armed with personal firearms, personal bombs and many kinds of home made explosive things, resorting to the hit and run tactics.

Do not me wrong it is not the point to compare the present day US invasion with Barbarossa. It was more about telling you are experiencing nearly equal if not identical situations to those experienced by the German soldiers, or by any other soldiers occupying enemy territory.
I have to disagree to some point. The Germans that did committ acts of trechary against the Russians or anyone else, new that these people were not partisans or military. They would slaughter whole towns and villages. There is a difference between that and what we are facing. You are correct in your assumption that we are no longer fighting a uniformed enemy which makes it much more dangerous and very like what the soldiers faced in Vietnam. Yes they did fight the Regulars as they called them who wore uniforms but anyone you encountered could have been the bad guy trying to kill you. And unfortunatly what I have learned is it is not like in the movies, the good guy does not always win. But we will overcome this and we will prevail.
but in the end good always overcomes evil..........

the mideast struggle will never stop till the end of time. The fight in Iraq is only the beginning
Maestro said:
My history teacher in "History of the 20th century" said that Balkans peoples are all born with an AK-47 in their hands... :lol:

Is he ex-Airborne by any chance? ;)

And CC, ya know you're dying to meet her/him/it! ;)

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