Best World War II Aircraft?

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Apr 15, 2005
I know i already posted this same thing a month or two ago, but has this been figured out yet?
No, and it never will be.

As a question it's WAY too open

Best plane at what? For what mission? At what time? Against what opposition?

What category? Are we talking fighters, bombers, recon, attack, seaplanes or all of the above?

For instance, it might be said that the Me-262 was the best plane of the war. But the P-51D and P-47N were far better long range escorts, the IL-2, Il-10 and Hs-129 were superior attack aircraft and the B-17, Lancster, B024, Halifax, Pe-8 were much better bombers and most other fighters were far superior dogfighters.
I voted the hurricane, if britain had fallen it is generally agreed the war would have been lost. Did that rank?
"if britain had fallen it is generally agreed the war would have been lost."

On a more positive note, the Germans would have been credited with wiping out tooth decay and gingivitis.
Hurricane against a Fw-190, never. Hurricane VS the Fw-190, I would say the Fw-190 depending on the pilot, but we are not talking about that now.

Excuse me, the Hurricane were in the battle of Briton and so were the Fw-190. The Fw-190 were in the later part of the war but the Hurricane were still there.

the Fw-190 never took part in the battle of britain, and by the time the -190 was in service most hurricanes were replaced by spits and sent out to the med or asia........
You know lanc they did a study the other day and they found that the Hurricane won the battle of Briton and not the Spitfire, there were to few of them to be able to win it. The Fw-190 were already in action in September 1941, to be precise 6 September 1941.

talk about the bias opinion. Just face it guys, if it was built by grumman it was great. end of discussion, no need to debate anymore. There's just nothing better than that.

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