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May 9, 2007
Unless I've missed it any chance we could have a section where we could discuss and recommend books we've read? - I know they're old-fashioned things but I do like them and am always looking for new ones to clutter up my flat :)
A good idea Charles but there are threads on other periods of the aviation history at the forum.Some of members are also interested in the pre-war,post-war and modern ones.
I think its a great idea. Maybe the section could have stickys in the beginning with different sections and then the rest for member threads - as it is in some sections of this forum. Maybe stickys of WWI, WWII, etc and one for disecting new books, such as the new one on the Dora.
It should be split up as the rest of the forum is split up to allow discussion on WW2, Post War, Cold War etc Aviation and maybe more sections for other parts of the wars.

I think this is a good idea.

To add on to this, I think it should also be split up based on the type of book. For instance; Under the "WWII" category there should be a place for novels that have real-life stories of the pilots that flew the planes in the era, another section that deals with WWII aircraft history, development, and tech info, and another for books that talk about the WWII era but not relating to aviation.

Just my idea 8)
I hate to reactivate a thread, but this is from 2007. I was wondering if any thing came up with this subject. I thought about the idea today. Any idea to get this going or was this idea shot down?

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