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Apr 15, 2005
Check out all the pics I just uploaded to the wallpaper gallery, there are some rare planes and ones you don't see much. They're all 1024x768. I think I may have mislabed some and there are some I couldn't identify, if you know what they are please post. Thanks
That wasn't what I meant to do, there are some really cool pics that I wanted the forum to have and they didn't come labeled so I know I misnamed some.
No ...Aggie, I think lanc meant that as a compliment. Either that or he's going to use you in the future as a defence for all his shameless self-promotion; "But everyone does it, remember when Aggie did it..."
I didn't take it as self promotion either. Self promotion is when people get a login here and only plug their website while not joining any discussions here. I rarely look at the albums, so it's nice to know when there is something new.
Some nice ones there Aggie.

The P-51 is shooting up a either a Blohm und Voss BV 222 or BV238 Flying Boat.

The ones you have no idea what there are: I think they are Dutch. The one in the foreground I think is made by Fokker not sure about the other one though.
I remembered the Blohm und Voss randomly the other day, one of those bits of information that gets lost for years then pops up when I'm taking my damn calc test. :) As for the Dutch ones, I've never seen them. Neat lookin' though, any performance figures? Thanks for the comments!
Gnomey said:
Some nice ones there Aggie.

The P-51 is shooting up a either a Blohm und Voss BV 222 or BV238 Flying Boat.

Most likely a Bv-222, seeing as the Bv-238 never actually made it to service. I havent looked at them yet, but ill make sure to! 8)
Oh ok sometimes you brits are hard to understand. My bad. Haha, no really though 75% of the time I can't understand you. That's Texan drawl for you I guess, we talk slow and anything that comes faster we just smile and nod politely...
Here are some pictures of some of the more famous aircraft of WWII that I put together, just for anyone new to the site. Please feel free to use them.

Aircraft of World War II Gallery

KK, just uopdated my earlier post. Removed the numbers letters from all planes (i was very bored), made the Swordfish a 'light bomber' and the ju88 a 'Medium Bomber'
That would be the more accurate designation.

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