Choice of Names for JSF Narrows

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Apr 6, 2005
What would you call the JSF? Merlin? Wombat? PoS? SHAR-Killer?
Any of those maybe but not some of the suggestions below... they surely can't be seriously considering Spitfire II? Prats.

Choice of Names for JSF Narrows

A decision will be made soon that will affect thousands of U.S. airmen for decades to come: what to name the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
With the F-35's "inaugural debut" set for early July, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley must decide soon what the fighter will be called.
Most U.S. Air Force fighters have been named after birds of prey — Eagle, Falcon, Nighthawk, Raptor and Raven. The tradition dates to the late 1970s.
But there is no requirement that the U.S. Air Force carry on the tradition with the F-35, especially with the Navy and Marine Corps set to buy the jet, too.
As of late May, a list of potential names had been narrowed to six finalists, said Moseley's spokesman, Maj. Glen Roberts.
They are: Black Mamba, Cyclone, Lightning II, Piasa, Reaper and Spitfire II.
While Moseley has the final say on naming the F-35, the general will consult with the Marine Corps and Navy service chiefs before making a decision, Roberts said.
The Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy are looking to buy about 2,445 jets at an estimated cost of $256 billion.
lesofprimus said:
Reaper and Cyclone seem to be the best of the options, but Cyclone is the name of a USS Navy Ship....

Using anything that has the word "Black" in it is politically incorrect and will never make it.... The whole "II" things sucks ***, and WTF is a Piasa.....
hmm... my teacher says that black is politically incorrect too, she says it's supposed to be African American...
"african american mamba" and yes the II thing sucks alot
Shouldn't it really be Lightning III? After all we had the English Electric Lightning as well, the F-22 was also called Lightning II for a while, they even made some computer games with the name so that would just to confuse people like that F-19 fiasco.

Perhaps F-35 Turkey would be most appropriate considering the shenanigans the project has gone through.

I like the name Black Death, but it would be better suited to something cooler, like a new stealth bomber painted black, and to hell with lame political correctness. Spitfire II woulod be an insult really, even the Eurofighter wasn't good enough to deserve it so I don't see why the probably inferior F-35 should get it. Something like Martlett II would be more appropriate given it's role.

some other ideas include
Cayman (has this been taken by something apart from the Porsche model?)
Redback (after the poisonous spider)
Demon II or Devil, (might upset religious types, good)
Death Adder (poisionous snake)
Isn't black mamba some kind of condom? Oh no, maybe it was black mambo?

Cyclone is dumb too as it is a famous engine (and a vacuum cleaner).

I like Martlett but isn't that a FAA/RN name for a USN plane? Besides it isn't thematic with birds of prey like Harrier.

How about Hellcat II - argh no it isn't an Iron Works bird.

I like turkey most of all... but didn't they call the F14 that? On account of its turkey feather jet pipes.

Barracuda or some other fishy appelation? But the Barracuda has been used. Tarpon... nah that's gone, even Cod has gone. Shark-something. Great White... Hope/Elephant...? Remora - one of those fishy things that clings on for dear life against the odss sucking the life out of its host or something? I know 'Prescott' on account of the gaping mouth... no, even that has been used as a microprocessor name.

Gawd it's a toughie.
R988 said:
even the Eurofighter wasn't good enough to deserve it so I don't see why the probably inferior F-35 should get it.

I don't think the F-35 is inferior to the Eurofighter. The Typhoon may be more manoeuverable but it doesn't have the low RCS of the F-35. With the increasing use of BVR missiles, that's going to be very important in the future.
Another couple of notional names:

Skua - the FAA RN had a plane called this...
the Blackburn Skua which almost matches the JSF for good looks!
as you can read here it had some 'firsts' to its name.

Alternatively, Corsair III - a fine line in navy warplanes. The Corsair I (?) was also used by the FAA. BTW I read somewhere I think about an earlier plane called the Corsair.

Finally, how about 'Peregrine'? Hardly macho but relevant to the raptor theme as it is a fish eating Falcon..

Or maybe 'Albatross' would be suitable... tee hee

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