**** DONE: 1/48 Arado Ar234B-2 - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Thanks everyone. Left the Blitz alone today and got a round of golf in this morning. The washed out weekend they were calling for never materialized so had a good day. I'm not trusting the old Hasegawa decals so will squirt on some clear coat so they hopefully won't break up. Also have to make my own W.Nr decal as our illustrious manufacturer elected not to include them....
Thanks guys. Not a problem Evan. Just need a small 7 as I can steal a 1 and 3 from the other schemes. I may even have a couple laying about - haven't looked yet.
Golf??????????? did someone say golf? I'm suffering from fairway withdrawals. With this bloody shoulder thing I can't swing a club.......

But then getting back to your build.
I agree with all the above, great camo and finish onner.

Thanks guys.

Well, got all the decals on now so time for some pics. First off, overall shots of top and bottom.



Here's a close-up of the codes. I was quite concerned that these decals would disintegrate so gave them a good douse of decal preservative. In the end, they behaved quite well and, although on the thick side, will do the job.


For the Werke Nummer 140173, photos confirm the number appeared on only the port side of the fin so this increased my probability of making do with what I had to make the missing number 7. As you can see from the below decal sheet, I had a few decals to work with.


In the end, I separated the 3 and 1 and made the 7 from bit of the 2 turned upside down and a straight section from the other number 1. The below pic of the finished tail shows how this turned out.


The number turned out average but the saving grace is that it will be partly obscured by the snow camouflage overspray and this will hide some of the imperfections.

Thanks for checking in everyone.
Thanks guys.

Evan, the stuff I used was this Testors spray which I got when I first bought decal paper for home made decals. Still some left in the can so used it.

Nicely done Andy.
Evan, most model companies who market their 'own' decal-making materials, such as Testor's, actually sell standard products. Their decal papers, for example, are exactly the same as the type I buy, at a quarter of the price, from a computer-supplies company, even down to the printing on the reverse side!
There's a more than very good chance that the Testor's 'Decal Bonder' is just plain old, but good quality, clear varnish. I recently replaced a spray can of varnish, purchased from my local art shop, and intended for clear coats on oil paintings (which I also use it for) and guess what - this can is from Vallejo, the same stuff sold as a clear coat for models and decals ,but, as it was an 'artist's' product, cheaper than buying as a modelling product!!

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