**** DONE: 1/48 Arado Ar234B-2 - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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...which I now did.

After masking the canopy (hopefully the rivet decals don't pull off!) and adding the trim actuators on the tail, I shot a coat of RLM 76, mixed from Tamiya colours, on the whole airframe.


I'm using the 76 as both a base coat for the underside as well as a primer/seam checker for the top. The port engine mount fairing, although attended to already still needs a bit of work to make it smooth.


The repaired area in the back looks pretty good. However, I need to make one more pass with the scribing tool and fix the double panel line towards the back. I couldn't see this without the prime coat.


A drop of CA on the gap in front of this crank should fill the hole....


I'm happy with the scribed seam where the cockpit and fuselage were glued together. There's a fairly pronounced raised detail that Hasegawa molded into the area which was not evident in photos so I sanded it off and made this simple panel line.


One more pass of the scriber over the fuselage panel line should finish this side off. The rest looks good.


Getting close to finish painting time after I attend to these last few details. Thanks for look in guys.
Nice work Andy, it's starting to look the part. It might be too late, but before you fill that 'notch' in front of the rudder actuator, just check photos of the original - it might be to allow free movement (on the real thing) of the curved crank through the fin.

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