**** DONE: 1/48 Beechcraft UC-43 Staggerwing - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Seat belts scratched from bits of aluminium foil and tape. I will leave it up to you, my peers, to figure out which is which.
The carpet shows up much brighter red than it really is.
Test fitting of the windows shows that they are bigger than the openings, so a bit of sanding is the order of the day.

Thanks all!
The windows were too large for the openings so a bit of time with Mr. file was in order.
I have to admit a bit of puzzlement as to how to go about painting this one. I once pre-painted around the blisters on the 1/48 B-29 and then installed them and masked around them for final painting. On the Monogram bombers there are tabs to help keep the smaller windows in place, but not so on this one. While filing the clear pieces down I tried to keep them at a slight angle so they would wedge in from the outside. I am afraid that I was only partially successful. Both the "wedge" windows at the front can pop through. I have added a bead of white glue to the insides of all of them and I hope that masking won't cause them to pop through. Time will tell.

Any and all pictures are appreciated!

Here are a few I took with my kids about 10 years ago at a local airshow. It was only small scale with about 20 planes altogether but they were giving rides in some for only $10. Took my kids up for a 15 minute flight that day. Pilot let my son 'fly' the plane over our house.

I also have a pic from a story in the local paper that day that has my dad checking the data plate of that plane. Pretty cool.

Oh BTW awesome work so far!

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