**** DONE: 1/48 Bf109E-4 Kommandeur Hauptmann Hans von Hahn 1./JG3 Aug 1940 BoB GB

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Master Sergeant
Cheers Guys!

Small update this week, but it's mainly been sanding and tidying up ready for paint, so here it is.

Pic 1
The Revi gun sight was painted and added to the cockpit, before attaching the forward cockpit enclosure. All the canopy was masked using Tamiya tape, sharp knife and a steady hand. Whew!

Pic 2
The armour plating was provided by Hasegawa on photoetch. I pre-painted it on the fret before attempting to add it to the hood. Still the process wasn't without hiccups....

Pic 3
The armour added. A casualty was the bottom attachment points. For some reason they just would not line up and play right. I ended up snipping them off and just used the upper mounts to attach to the hood. The bottom mounts would not be seen with the hood closed anyways.

Pic 4
Overall view. I have yet to added the elevator braces, prop, alighting gear and a few of the smaller details, but it's just about ready for the paint shop. All things considered it's a very good kit. No fit issues to speak of, no filler used other than some Mr Surfacer.

Okay, next update soon.




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Master Sergeant
Thanks guys

This weeks update as follows:-

Pic 1
I first painted the canopy frame RLM02 so this will show through to the interior.

Pic 2
Before spraying the yellow nose and tail I like to first paint with white, as yellow can be very transparent. It can also take a couple of coats of the yellow to get the right density.

Pic 3
Here's the rudder done in white.

Pic 4
The yellow schnoz done. I haven't as yet attached the engine cover, so it may look a little off in this pic

Pic 5
The rudderl painted yellow RLM04 Gelb which is a Model Masters Paint.

Pic 6
Progress on the spinner. It should be 50/50 white and black with a green tip that matches the "Tatzelwurm" decal that Hasegawa supply. Tamiya green was a good match.

Pic 7
The yellow areas were then masked and the RLM02 was sprayed on the upper wings, elevators and fuselage.

Pic 8
Further masking for the RLM71 on the upper surfaces was done.

Pic 9
I then masked off the upper surfaces of the wings and applied the RLM65 to the lower surfaces.

Pic 10
Underside after spraying the RLM65.

Pic 11
I got a bit more overspray than I intended. I touched up the canopy with RLM71 and then got ready to do the splotching. Hopefully it's looking up to scratch.

Thanks for you comments and feedback is always welcome! :D

Have a good weekend




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