**** DONE: 1/48 Bf109E-4 Kommandeur Hauptmann Hans von Hahn 1./JG3 Aug 1940 BoB GB

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Thanks Karl, Wayne. T, VB and Glen

Pic 1
Last few chores to do are in progress. Today I did an all over wash using water colours and painted the tail wheel tyres whites wall. Hasegawa had decals in the kit, but I stuffed those up, so hand painted mine on.

Pic 2
I decided to make a base. I was able to get hold of a prepared MDF base, which I sanded and sealed.

Pic 3
Next I gave the base several coats of all-in-one varnish and stain in a teak colour. I then used some grass mat cut to the right size. I left a larger border one side for a tag, which I have yet to make, and will probably make a decal to suit which will describe the aircraft and pilot.

Pic 4
Here how she looks on the base. I've added the antenna, pitot, wheels, undecarriage and prop. I also used tamiya smoke to add exhaust stains and gun residue. A final all over coat of matt Future. A couple of more things to do and some time to do the finish photos I think.

Well thanks all for your comments and help in this one. I like these 109E's from Hasegawa. Went together rather well and trouble free.




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