**** DONE: Bf109E-4 White 7 Oblt. Hans Ohly StaffelKapitan 1/JG53 BoB Group Build

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Couple more pics....prop and U/C covers matt coated and U/C legs done....


  • 67_Undercarriage stuff_3312.JPG
    67_Undercarriage stuff_3312.JPG
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  • 68_Prop Matt coat_3309.JPG
    68_Prop Matt coat_3309.JPG
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Yeah....got a bit more done today U/C legs and tail wheel in place, front and rear canopy sections in place, gun sight done...

Still to do wheels, mass balances on ailerons, antenna mast,wing guns antenna wiring.....and anything else I've forgotten?

Pics tomorrow!

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