**** DONE: Bf109E4 'White 6' I/JG3 BoB Group Build.

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Thanks very much indeed guys. Andy, as mentioned above, the rudder is only pushed in place for the photos, and to check alignment with the control horns and cable slots.
With the deadline fast approaching, I thought I'd better get my aristotle in gear and get some work done on the 'Emil' !
It's now looking as though it will be finished in time for the end of the GB, although there will still be a few small jobs to do to fully complete the model, mainly re-touching and repairing the engine, and making and adding the tie-down rings to the underside of the wings. As these jobs are relatively minor, and most won't be seen anyway, I'm in no rush, so they will be done at a later date.
PIC 1. The cannons were left out to avoid damage, so some way of mounting the barrels needed to be found. After removing the heavy moulding seams, the barrels were cut off just forward of the recoil-spring jackets, and cemented into lengths of plastic tube, to provide a mount inside the wing.
PIC 2. The cannons in place, with the first stage of painting underway. The smoke stains have yet to be toned down in this shot.
PIC 3. The undercarriage legs were assembled, and brake lines added from lead wire, as well as the leather gaiters over the oleos. After painting, some of the detail was picked out, and the data plate and stencils added with a fine pen and a pencil. The kit wheels needed little enhancement, and will be fitted once the gear legs are fixed in place, and will then have the wheel nuts added.
PIC 4. Whilst checking the undercarriage mounting points, I suddenly realised that there were no ejector ports for the wing cannon, so these were drilled and filed to shape. I also spotted some slight silvering around the Balkencruez, which will be dealt with later.
PIC 5. After a lot of fiddling, the tail wheel was eventually re-fitted and dirtied a bit, and the rudder fitted, slightly off set to starboard, to correspond with the position of the rudder pedals. The actuating cables were added from stretched sprue. The tail lamp has been drilled out and painted, but still awaits glazing, as do the wing navigation lamps.
PIC 6. As the engine ended up slightly off-centre after all the fiddling to get it fitted, I decided to check the alignment of the prop shaft with the prop back plate. As I suspected, it was out of true, and also, the final reduction gear casing was slightly too far forward, causing a slight gap between the back plate and the cowling. So, out came the razor saw and off came the gear casing and shaft. This was then drilled out, and a new shaft made from plastic rod, set to a slight angle which, hopefully, will allow the prop to line up correctly. Also visible in this pic are the exhausts, fitted and painted, and the vent in the front of the exhaust shroud, which has been drilled out and filed. The supercharger intake has also had the initial bare metal finish applied, and awaits a dark wash between the intake fins.
PIC 7. The next job was that annoying 'dimple' around the tip of the spinner. After careful examination, I decided that filler would not do the job, as the depression was too shallow, and at an odd angle. So, a jeweller's file and wet and dry were used to carefully re-shape the spinner, which has since had a base coat of white brush-painted onto it, ready for a light rub-down before spraying the white finishing coat, then masking and spraying one half Schwarzgrun.
The model is now 'on blocks', waiting for the main gear legs to set, and I hope to get some more work done to it later today.
Thanks once again for your interest and complimentary comments, and I'll post some more pics, and hopefully the completed model, very soon.


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Thanks Igor and David. Got a bit more done, nearly there. Pics tomorrow, all being well, or Tuesday latest. Back to the Hurricane now!

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