**** DONE: Bf109E-4 White 7 Oblt. Hans Ohly StaffelKapitan 1/JG53 BoB Group Build

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These pics are this thing that makes our heartbeat faster. Wonderful My Bro..:cool:
All Iv'e done in the past few days is the canopy masks...been rather sidetracked with my Mum...

hope to make some time on the weekend....?


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    64_Canopy masked_3288.JPG
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Nice job. I like the look of the camo on this plane.
Spinner and props painted and glossed along with the u/c covers....will flat coat soon to match the sheen of the rest of the aircraft...want to finish this one....the uncertainty of my Mums condition a big distraction...:(

Sorry, no pics...yet.

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