**** DONE: Bf109E4 'White 6' I/JG3 BoB Group Build.

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Thanks very much Glenn, and yes, I hope to have her finished, as far as I can for now anyway, by tonight.
The undercarriage and wheels are on, although the wheel retaining nuts have yet to be fitted, and the prop and spinner are currently drying, ready to mask for the second colour.
All that remains are a few small details, such as the aileron mass balance horns, pitot tube etc, and then clean the glazing, add the radio mast, antenna wires and canopy and retaining wire. Oh, and a mini-touchette of detail painting here and there!
Here's what she looks like to date.


  • BoB Build 2 259.jpg
    BoB Build 2 259.jpg
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Thanks Vic, 'Gypsy Rose Wayne', and Andy!
Only one or two things to finish off, but I doubt I'll get them done, or the pics, until tomorrow at the earliest.
Bl**dy 5 hour power cut delayed things - but it's finished !
Pics in the 'Finished' thread.
Thanks once again to you all for all your nice comments and interest.

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