**** DONE: Bf109E4 'White 6' I/JG3 BoB Group Build.

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Aug 24, 2008
Cheshire, UK
Username: Airframes.
Name: Hey you !
Category: Judge, non-competing.
Scale: 1/32nd.
Kit: Matchbox Bf109E.
Accessories: Home made decals, some scratch-built parts, possibly some resin cockpit parts.

Here's the first of what I hope will be four entries for this GB, time permitting. This is the aircraft of Heinz Schnabel, who force landed near Adlington, Kent, on 5th September. There is a rather interesting story following his capture, as he very nearly escaped from Britain, in a stollen aircraft !
I'll post full details and photos in the next post.
This is the old Matchbox kit, which some of you may remember I reviewed recently, in comparison to the equally old Hasegawa kit, which I'll also be building for this GB. I've been wanting to build another of these kits for many years, and got this specially for the GB - a great excuse for extending my 1/32nd scale 'Emil' collection !
(Original source of pic unknown)


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The Hasegawa '109,and hopefully, time permitting a Hurricane, probably 1/48th scale, and a 1/32nd scale Ju88. I will not be doing a Wayne on the '88 though! It's the one for the museum in Slavicin.
Buggar, Viking beat me to it!
You gonna make a dio-rama including the flock??????
Any one make a 1/32nd shepherd and a border collie?

I think you should!:lol:
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Thanks for all flocking around, and sorry the pic of Schnabel's crate is a bit wooly, felt a bit sheepish posting that one !!
I have another pic of the wreck, but it's even worse than the first.
And it'll be modelled intact, not crashed. I've already got an almost finished display of a belly- landed '109 - in 1/24th scale!
I'll be posting pics of this one soon.
Three puns in one sentence Terry? Is that a record?
White 6 looks cool. Old Matchbox kit sounds like a lot of scratch-building!
Not really Glenn. Apart from being slightly chunky, as Matchbox kits were, it's rather good, and way ahead of its time. See the review I posted a few weeks back. It just needs a little refining here and there, and it makes a great model out of the box - apart from the opening section of the canopy !
Until Eduard released their series of '109s, it was the best 'E' on the market, and even now, comes a close second. I just wish Revell would release it, given they have the moulds, like they did the other 1/32nd kits from Matchbox.
Now, the Hasegawa kit - that's going to need a lot of scratchbuilding !!!
I have a feeling I might not get them all done old boy ! Especially the Ju88, as it will be portrayed as it was when belly landed on the banks of the River Mersey - a lot of work to replicate the damage ! (saves building the landing gear though !)

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