**** DONE: 1/48 Bf109F-4 J.Steinhoff - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Thank-you gents. Not much to show today. Just managed to prime the engine and shoot some black on. Later tonight I hope to shoot on some RLM 02 on the engine bearer, fire wall, and coolant tank.
Thanks Karl, Wayne.

Onward with the addition of a mesh frame over the supercharger intake. I found a piece of brass mesh and fabricated this frame of plastic tube and card. The mesh is a bit thick but is a decent representation.

120305 1.jpg

The frame was then installed over the supercharger intake. Note that one of the spark plug wires has disappeared and that hose clamps were added to the cooling hoses where these will be visible from the open cowl.

120305 2.jpg

The frame is painted, ignition wire was replaced and all were painted, and a fabricated electric terminal box was placed on the firewall ready to receive some instrument wiring, which will be installed in the next step.

120305 3.jpg

Thanks for your continued interest everyone.

Oh, and by the way, the PE cockpit set arrived today. Great service from Squadron.com!
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Thanks guys. I really appreciate your compliments. Added a few more wires tonight but will post some update pics when there's a bit more to show.
Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I've been busy the last few days but have just a small break to post a quick update. Once again with almost everything on the port side engine compartment being visible, I created the annular oil tank out of plastic card (Pic 1) in the nose section. Detailing on the engine continued (Pic 2)with the addition of the crank case oil breather/overflow which routes to a small drain near the landing gear hinges, various wires and some coolant lines from the coolant tank. The exhaust stubs were added and painted and a couple of placards were made for the two tanks from spare decal bits. BTW, anyone know what the small tank within the engine bearer is? Wiring is black coated copper wire and the plumbing is solder.


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