**** DONE: 1/48 Spitfire Mk.II – 266 (Rhodesia) Sqn, RAF Wittering. BofB Group Build

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Nice one Vic. Note that Tamiya probably have the colour for the vehicle as RAF Blue - it should be either two-tone green camouflage or Dark Green / Dark Earth, like the Army version, although the interior would be in the original colours. At the outbreak of hostilities, anything and everything was camouflaged - even the station cat if it stayed still long enough !!
Thanks very much guys and a special THANKS Mr Terry, I thought my little blue Vanguard would be the crowning glory (sulking).:( :( :(.............Just joking mate..........but truly my thanks for the info, I've taken it on board and have decided to do a Dark Green, Dark Earth, hand painted on the assumption that this would have been done at unit level and some poor AC2 would have been issued with a paint brush and a pot of aircraft camo paint and told to get on with it. He would probably have also wanted to paint the SWO as well, but that could be another story. :lol: :lol: :lol:
No problem Vic. The pattern was often the one known as 'Mickey Mouse Ears', which would look quite attractive on the little Morris, Vanguard or whatever it is. As the name suggests, the colour demarcations were rounded, like a kid's interpretation of clouds, and looked like Mickey Mouse's ears !

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