**** FINISHED: Beaufighter Mk 1F 219 Sqn RAF BoB Group Build

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Senior Airman
Jul 16, 2009
Glenrothes Scotland
name -jamie
category-3 beginner
manufacturer- Revell
accessories-Quickboost exhausts,home made decals,some scratch building

all done here


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Very cool! I like the fingerprints at the wingroot........only joking. Did a great job with the camo. Did the engines really have a bronzing on the cowling? Thats wild.
Beauty Jamie, you've done a great job mate. Did you make the code letter decals? If so, how did you get them to hold density??!!
BTW, the dipole antenna on the wing should be facing to the rear, on top and bottom, and be on both wings. (but I can't see that for judging purposes !!!)
the FK+J were in the kit terry i just masked them and sprayed them only the code number is mine i couldnt get the masking right to paint the small numbers tried to print the codes but colour density was an issue and i would have had to paint them anyway so i just painted the kit ones
Thanks Jamie. I had the same problem making your Hurricane codes, and mine. Had to overpaint them, but hand-painting grey over grey is like trying to plait fog !!
Turned out nice Jamie. Having seen a couple of these built for this campaign pushed me into picking one up.

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