**** FINISHED: Hurricane Mk1, L1807, 312 (Czech) Sqn, RAF, BoB Group Build.

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Aug 24, 2008
Cheshire, UK
Hurricane Mk1, L1807, DU-X, 312 (Czech) Sqn, RAF, Speke, Liverpool, October 1940, flown by Sgt. Josef Stehlik.

Username: Airframes.
Name: Numpty Brain.
Category: Judge, non-competing.
Kit: Airfix Hurricane Mk1.
Scale: 1/48th.
Accessories: Some scratch-building, home made decals and hand-painted codes.

I finally got the photos done. I put the camera batteries on charge, then discovered about eight hours later that it's normally better to switch on the charger !!
Anyway, here she is. The model will be placed on a display base, and sent to Roman, in the Czech Republic, as soon as the Christmas mad postal rush is over (Bah, Humbug!).
Thank you all once again for your interest and kind comments.


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What a great model! I am touched! And I am sure my Dad - who was the Radio Operator and air gunner of the Ju-88-A, shot down by Josef Stehlik in exactly THIS airplane - would have liked it!!!
Reinhard R. Weth
I've only just noticed this. Thank you so much Reinhard for the kind words, and thanks too, Michael, for the compliments.
Great looking Hurricane! I think I may have this Airfix kit in 1/48 somewhere in my pile of models..that looks like some duck egg blue underneath?
Nope. The 'official' name for the underside colour is 'Sky, Type S', the 'Type S' meaning smooth finish. This was the 'standard' underside colour for day fighters during the period, although there were some variations in tints, one of which was unofficially called 'duck egg green' and another 'duck egg blue' !!
As mentioned in your other thread, for simplicity, stick with the known, 'standard', ready mixed colours from reliable paint manufacturers, using Dark Green, Dark Earth and Sky.
Thanks Airframes, I'm applying the Humbrol 29 and 163 to my Hurricane tonight. I'll post some pictures later on my other thread if you happen to check it out. :)

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