**** DONE: Hurricane Mk1, L1807, DU-X, 312 (Czech)Sqn, RAF, October 1940 Group Build.

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You're welcome my friend. I'm off to bed, now that the last guy who got stuck in the ice has finally been rescued! It's now nice and quiet - no more revving engines and spinning wheels!
B*ll*cks ! Almost finished the Hurricane, then got stuck with a power cut for five hours!
Everything is delayed, as I wanted to finish the few small jobs on the Bf109 entry first, which I did after trying to read by candle light for the duration!
The really annoying bit is, I cancelled a date in order to get both models done, so now I'm also in the dog house!
But, all being well, I should have the finished pics by Thursday night - I hope !
Ah, b*lls to the date - it was only one of those girl thingies - the model comes first.
Sh*t, I hope she doesn't visit this forum ..........
Your game T, model, chicks, toss the coin.................bug*er me the plastic won. Just tell her you couldn't get out, road was blocked by Jeremy Clarkson imposters who can't drive for toffee's
Good one Vic - and true! Got three cars blocking the road at the moment - and they must all be brothers with similar names, such as Richard Head !!
Well, the last bits are done - but numpty here forgot to charge the spare camera batteries, and the others have just died on me. I'll consider myself b*llocked !
The antenna mast has been made and fitted, the rudder mast added, and the wires added, along with the IFF wires. I was just about to fit the kit's antenna mast, which is the later, common, tapered mast with the 'tab' for the wires, when I remembered this airframe still had the early, 'straight' mast. So this was made from a piece of plastic rod, and the hole for the lead-in filled and painted.
By this period of the Battle, many squadrons had moved on to the VHF sets, without wires, but these were predominantly in the South. As far as I am aware, in the North West, most squadrons were still on the TR9 series radios, so the wires are in place.
The gun ports have been covered in 'fabric', made from decal tissue cover, and holed and stained, and the pitot and boarding step have been fitted, along with a flap cover for the port side hand grip.
All that remains now is to get the bl**dy photos - which I will do tomorrow - promise!
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