**** DONE: Hurricane Mk1, L1807, DU-X, 312 (Czech)Sqn, RAF, October 1940 Group Build.

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Thanks David. Feeling a lot better now, but it's now 19.50 hours over here, and it's 'Bonfire Night', the celebration of Guy Fawkes' attempt to blow up Parliament (wish he could come back and have another go!), and the amount of fireworks and other pyro is like a re-enactment of the bl**dy Blitz ! What with that and Fire trucks causing havoc trying to get through narrow streets, the distraction is too much for concentrated modelling.
Hmm, what to do?
I know - PUB !!
I'm just stepping out - I may be gone some time!
Certainly did ! Took a long time to recover though - I must be out of practice, need to visit Talafa pub for some training!!
Well, the code letters are now done, although I'm not 100% happy with them. They'll have to do though, as I couldn't find any 1/48th scale grey codes in the right dimensions anywhere!
I ended up virtually hand-painting them, which took a number of hours, after first over-painting the home-made decals on the sheet. Once applied, they were, as I'd expected, a bit patchy. So, out with the pointy end of a Number 3 sable brush, and into the awkward angles on the fuselage, especially bl**dy awkward over the 'fabric ribbing' !
PIC 1. Before being able to apply some of the stencil decals, mainly those on the wing roots, I had to mask and paint the non-slip wing walk panels. The somewhat patchy, and yet to be re-touched code letter decals can just be seen here.
PIC 2. Once the code letters were as good as I was going to get them, the decal areas were given a coat of clear gloss. I'd used enamel gloss on the model prior to applying the decals, but I was dubious about using this over the un-painted serials, so used Klear (Future) instead. The bl**dy stuff reacted with two decals, home made and kit, causing a textured, bubbly look! Never had that happen before, but I think it should settle down once the matt clear goes on.
PIC 3. Whilst the decals/varnish were settling, some other jobs were started, including part masking the canopy, and beginning the first stage of painting the framework. As the frames were rather softly moulded in parts, I used the masks as a guide, applying the first coat of the interior colour, which was later given a second, tidier coat, followed eventually by two exterior colour coats. Once fully hardened, the canopy will be un-masked, dipped in Klear, and, once hardened, the frames will receive a matt coat.
All of that little lot took a total of about nine or ten hours, including starting work on the landing gear, wheels and prop.
I'll post some more soon, and thanks again for your interest.


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Thanks very much guys. The codes aren't too bad, but the irregularities can be seen very close up, or through a magnifying glass, so only 90% acceptable to me.
Got the matt clear coat done, and the final bits of construction are underway. With a bit of luck, it should be finished in time for the end of the GB. Pics in a day or so.

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