**** DONE: 1/48 Blackburn Roc – Sqn Ldr Clark RAF. BofB Group Build.

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Just a little update folks, I'm trying to turn this ugly bitch into a work of art and were almost ready for a bit of spraying. As you can see I've been doing a bit of filling mainly around the wing joins which were a bit awkward particularly with the dihedral, never the less we got it done. I've got all the lenses for the landing and identification lights done, none of the identification wing or fuselage lights were provided with the kit, so they will all be scratch built.

As you can see I've also included a shot of the olio legs, these have been wired for hydraulics and the exhaust which was a solid piece has been drilled out, all that needs now is a coat of paint. I've also been working on the aerial, you can see the tail stud that's been scratch built. The piece of aerial that attaches to the cockpit is the usual frail bit of upright plastic and any pressure placed on this by the wiring would soon have it snapped off. So I've made a newer stronger one that's been drilled to take the wire and now fits into the cockpit where I will have it looking as though it's connected into the radio.


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Thank you Wayne and Terry, appreciated.

Not much to update really as I've been none too well of late, some virus is rampaging through my chest, shoulders, neck and arms for the last 3 days, so a visit to the doc's this morning and some antibiotics may get me back into shape again.

Had a bit of an accident with my lovely radial engine and snapped off the engine/propeller shaft. After an afternoon of filing, drilling (snapped two very fine drill bits) I fitted a better brass rod shaft, made a new sleeve to fit in the prop and had to modify the housing for the spinner. Outside of that, I've been adding the last little bits to the airframe and am hoping to do a bit of spraying tomorrow.


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Nice work Vic. You seem to be having a bit of a rough time, what with the virus and more destruction ! Hope the antibiotics do the job quickly mate.
Thanks for everything guys, feeling a bit better today and did manage to get some more done. Actually had a go at mixing my own Sky paint using the Tamiya colour chart as a guide, got quite close to the colour and sprayed the old kite with it. Hope to do some masking tomorrow and get the base camo colour on.

Also received my replacement canopy from the Czech Republic in the post today, right chuffed with that.

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