**** DONE: 1/48 Blackburn Roc – Sqn Ldr Clark RAF. BofB Group Build.

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Nice recovery. Excellent work on both the engine and pit.
Thank you very much for your kind offer Terry, I am humbled by the offer. Fortunately though and I'm happy to say it will not be necessary as I've had an email back form CMK kits in the Czech Republic and they are quite happy to send me a replacement canopy. However, I'm not letting you off the hook as I have another question re this little beast I'm making, but have emailed you on this.
They did ok out of it Wayne, I also ordered another kit at the same time............................don't tell the missus.................
Started of the day by doing a little filling and decided to photo the process using 'Cutex' (nail polish remover) to clean up the mess.


The area being plugged with Tamiya gap filler, not such a large gap but in an awkward position at the base of the tail stabiliser.


The area is taped off, the tape being placed as close as possible to the gap. I use the blue tape as its reasonably cheap compared to Tamiya masking tape and sticks well without leaving a film when removed.


Filler is applied.



The excess filler has been wiped away with cotton buds dipped in the nail polish remover. Again with the blue tape this is an easy process as the tape also has a waxy finish.


After leaving the process for a few minutes, the tape is removed and as can be seen, we have a reasonably good clean fill which in this case needs no curring back.
Was none too happy with the way the wings were attached on this kit, we have a slight dihedral and the dry fit was not looking good so I decided to make some internal support frames. I also felt a little strengthening wouldn't go astray.



Having done this, the next problem was the apertures for the landing lights. These are 4.0mm at the widest point and yet the lens for each hole is 6.2mm, so we had to do a bit of cutting and filing. Thank god for the Dremel.


Nice work Vic. I actually take the tape off before applying the nail polish remover so the putty blends into the surface better but it looks like you achived a nice fill there.

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