**** DONE: Beaufighter Mk 1F 219 Sqn RAF

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r2204 it is then so i will have to redrill the 6 guns and the ejector ports would she have the red patches over the guns still got plenty to do before she is finished but here is how she looks just now


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Looks bl**dy good mate ! Yes, the gun ports would normally have the red-doped fabric over them, including the cannon ports.
The exhausts, from the collector ring back, would normally be burnt metal, if you're able to change it?
cheers terry i am still working on the exhausts so thats not a problem gun ports and ejector ports are clear now but it rattles lol thanks for all your comments guys
ok re drilled the wing guns then covered with tissue painted red then poked holes in them cut out the ejector ports added some smoke stains finished off the exhausts covered the cannons with red tissue and then ripped it all open again


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