**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 Curtiss Hawk-75A-3 - WW2 Foreign Service

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I'd just have to take my glasses off, :D

Just use these. You can see the colours at least. ;)

Got a good start on it last night.

The cockpit sides painted. Kind of sparce, but then the real thing was too.


Cockpit floor put together. The floor of the Hawk75/P-36 was the top of the wing and there was a riveted splice plate there which I added using plastic sheet with small holes drilled for the rivets.


I did some work on the seat to make it look better, thinning the sides and back, adding a front seat bucket lip, and adding a piece of plastic sheet between the bottom and back that was present in the real thing.


The panel has some nice, raised detail for the instrument faces so my first step is to paint them white so after it is painted black I can so some scraping with a pin to reveal the white paint on the raised details. The panel is in the shape of an inverted T so the butts of cowl guns can be accessed.


This bit is a shelf that is forward of the panel and includes the above-mentioned gun butts. They didn't look very good being too thin with no detail, so I added some plastic sheet to thicken then up and drilled out the ends and added a short piece of steel rod. Don't really know what this rod is in the guns but it's there in the pictures.


The cowl glued up. Not a bad fit but still need to dress up the seams yet.


And last, the wing glued up. There is absolutely no dihedral in it so it but that should not be too much of a problem to fix.

Nice progress Glenn. Picked up a little trick a while back. When you paint the inst panel white, once nice an dry, spray a couple of times with hair spray. When you over paint with black and it has dried enough, with a toothpick gently chip out the black from the dials to the white. The black should come off easier. :D
Cool choice Glenn. I had that decal sheet for years and I did use the stripes. This was before I joined here and a quick look just now seems to show they worked OK. I'll see if I can find a photo of your kite
Thanks for looking George

More work done.

The cockpit floor and bulkhead finished. Added a wine foil harness to the seat, but it is not glued in at this point.


The finished panel and gun shelf. The guns seemed to be too far forward, so I cut about 1/16" off the shelf to bring them farther back before gluing to the back of the panel.


The cockpit assembly glued into the starboard fuselage half.


Fuselage glued up.


Also started painted the engine. Floquil bright silver base with a wash of very thinned Testors black.


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