**** DONE: GB-58 1/48 Re.2001 Falco II CN - Night Fighters all Eras

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Many thanks Gents for the kind word. Had a good bench day today, lots done.

As you can see, the cockpit side walls have been completed and after quite a bit of dry fitting and fiddling, there now both buttoned up.
20230528 2-1.JPG

20230528 2-2.JPG

20230528 2-3.JPG

These are the two machine gun covers, I've cut a couple of groves with the Dremel to house the brass machine guns.
20230528 2-4.JPG

It has taken me three days to get this surface primer on. I thought on Wednesday that by the end of the day I would be ready to spray before dinner, but it was not to be, some things took longer to finish than I thought and then I decided to do other bits that I was going to leave until later, like place the machine guns and canopy. So here it is primed and ready for the next stage once it has had a chance to dry properly overnight.

Both my entry look the same at first glance but now we do have a couple of differences. This one is the underwing cannon.
20230602 1.JPG

20230602 2.JPG

Thanks for the comments guys.
Moving across from tother build, made some progress with this one today.
Did a rough job marking out the main panel lines and a few access panels.
20320604 1.JPG

20320604 2.JPG

Applied the underside colour but not happy with it. Finding matches for these Italian colours is a bit of a pain. The close official Italian colour is Grigio Azzurro Chiaro 1 (Blue Grey) and the closes match in my paint supply was SMS PL184 (Hellblau (RLM 65)) although I feel that SMS PL166 Storm Grey would be close, but sadly I do not have.
20320604 3.JPG

So gent, if any of you colour guru's out there have any suggestions, please feel free to chip in. The true colour on my monitor is way off from the one on the model.
Thanks for checking in. :D

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