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Portrait NJG1 Nachtjagd Ass Pilot August Geiger SINT-TRUIDEN Belgien


Lorenz "Lenz" Bauer, Luftwaffe Jagdgeschwader 5 JG5 Stavanger 1942

Bf 109E-7 Werk # 6274 "Red 19" "Inge" (4/42) Kracker Luftwaffe Archive

W.Nr 6274, an E-1 built by Fieseler at Kassel (note the black exhaust shrouds which is a feature of Fieseler-built Bf 109Es & Ts) and later modified into an E-7 with capped spinner, windscreen armour and MG FFs (and probably droptank piping). The photos show it in service with 5./JG 5 as Red 19 in 1942. Note the round metal sheet covering the original MG 17 port. Externally visible differences between Bf 109E-3 and E-7? - Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum



3.(F)/121 Bordfunker Beobachter Flugzeugführer

Gefr Hoffmann , Wolgang BF
Lt. Muler Karl Bo
Uffz. Ruhl Fritz

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Two of the ranks are incorrect.
Hoffmann is Unteroffizier;
Ruhl is Feldwebel.
Moritz Kiermaier + 26-07-1943

Fw. Kiermaier was a pilot from the 2.(H.)/14. He was killed in a curious accident. A part of the 2.(H)./14 war drived in an train/animal carriage in Italy. Kiermaier sleep in the carriage. Then he rolled to the door an his head was looked about the carriage. He was killed when his head chrashed on a mast. Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum - View Single Post - Pilot Fw. Moritz Kiermaier


Original WW2 photo. 405th Fighter Group 510th Fighter Squadron.




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