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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
So I took my son down to the CAF museum where I volunteer today for the 3 F's (Friends, Food and Flying). We had an after hours BBQ for the food part. We arrived about 12:45 and were wandering about, catching up with some folks and just enjoying the day. My friend Bob happens to see us wandering the ramp and asks if we want to take a flight 'round the patch'. No arm twisting for me! Jacob said he wanted to fly, so Bob and I got him strapped in the back of the Cessna 180 and we cheated gravity for about 30-35 minutes.

It was the first time my son has ever flown, and he loved it! It's times like these that being a dad totally rocks! To be able to share my life's passion with Jacob, and he "gets it". The missus was a little upset about it, but in the end she had a gleam in her eye with her semi-frown. Deep down, she knew I wouldn't do anything dangerous and if I had any inkling it wouldn't be safe, I wouldn't do it.

Here are some shots from a day of smooth air.


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Great stuff Erich! i still remember a lot of the first times i did things, although in a way i wish i'd done more things first time when i was younger so i could relish them more, provide him with as many oppertunities as possible!
what a hoot ! did he ask if he could fly the craft ? / wait till he gets into sports man, I remember the time too many years ago as my son is a grownup now, but when he went out for the elementary tackle football. the helmet and clothes were all over sized for the guys, but he did well and I was screaming, the other parents thought I was weird. I told them to get stuffed.......
And you got him a ride in a 180 - a "real man's plane."

Would you expect that *I* would take him up in anything else than a tail-dragger? ;)

Thanks guys, it was a memory that neither Jacob, nor I will soon forget. The real funny part about that is that when I was talking to Bob, he said that he got his first flight at about that age. Then he said "I didn't really like it". I laughed and said "And look at you now!". He owns that airplane and runs an FOB in Colorado now.
Awesome, Evanglider! brought back alot of memeories.

I grew up near a small airport and my father always had us over there.

A few years agao they had a fly-in at the same airport and I took my twelve year old up and the pilot let him take the controls for a little ...just as we flew over our house! I took a photo with him flying and out the windshield you can see our home. He loved it! If i can scan the pic I'll post. But your pics are just too cool and its something he nor you can ever forget.

Love those times!

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