finally joined, hello all!

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Shawn M

Jul 14, 2015
St. Louis
After lurking for years and enjoying your forum I finally registered.

Cant wait to dig deeper, this place has it all!

Im a scale model builder and general aviation enthusiast.
I also play drums, run a music studio, work on and race cars (circuit, rally, auto-x(gymkhana) blah blah blah

Models I've completed (only in the last few years)

See you 'round!

Hi Shawn and G'day to you. Looks like you're our kind of guy, hope to see you joining one of our GB's sometime, there good fun and very motivating.
Seas bienvenido a la familia!!, amigo Shawn :greenjumpers:

I had a good time watching your work :shock:. It will be very interesting and instructive to follow in your first workbench here in the forum. You will have excellent information and feedback :grouphuuug:. I'm sure we will continue learning from this that fascinates.

Saludos cordiales desde xico!! :thumbup:

Luis Carlos
Thank you everyone!
I'd love to join a GB here, I've done 1 or 2 over on Aeroscale, my last one on Sprue Pub missed the deadline by aaaages.
My modeling time is scarce with all of my other hobbies, but I sneak it in when I can.

I've currently got Revell's 1/48 PV-1 on the bench for an OOB build and have just started Eduards Ki-115 Tsurugi by rebuilding most of the cockpit from scratch.

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